Get to know me – 20 facts


I realised that people/companies may like to get to know the person behind the blog, so here goes 20 facts about me.

Instead of just rhyming out 20 random facts I’m going to explain a little about each one.

(All photos used from here throughout this post are my own)

Here we go…

I would like to start by simply introducing myself.

Hi, I’m Emily, 22, Belfast born and raised, crazy but lovable blue eyed bitch xo


1. I have an older brother, Craig, he is 25 and I truly believe he is the greatest brother anyone could have.

2. I’ve always been creative – since I was a little girl I always had a love for art, photography etc… and it has stuck with me all my life.

3. I have a disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is basically ‘brittle bones’. Brittle bones is when your bones are very weak and will break very easily, growing up my mum was always taking me to the hospital for broken bones and it wasn’t until I was 14 I broke my knee in a spot that is apparently quite difficult to break (but I of course managed it), once that happened I was sent for multiple tests and was finally diagnosed with the disease aged 14. I currently have a broken back, which happened when I was 16ish, there is no treatment I can have for it so unfortunately I’m stuck like this.

4. I am a fully qualified nail technician (acrylics) and a qualified beauty therapist.

5. I used to be an Art student (links with fact number 2) and I was also a fashion student, and got diplomas in both courses. The dress I created for my final piece in fashion was featured in a fashion show! (Very proud moment)

6. Fun fact: Monkeys (well the primate family in general) are my all time favourite animal, again since I was a little girl I have always loved them. (Pic included is me at Blackpool zoo at the monkey enclosure)


7. This fact kind of ties in with number 6, Blackpool is one of my all time favourite places. When me and my brother were little my mum, Nan and grandad used to go there every year for our holidays, some of the best memories are from there. Now me and my mum go every Halloween. It feels like home.


8. I have actually had my art work displayed in a gallery, and ontop of that I had a few people want to buy my piece that was on display but instead of selling it I brought it home for my mum to have. Wish I had a photo of it in the gallery.

9. I was born on Christmas Day, 1994 in Belfast Northern Ireland. I was the first baby born that Christmas and was labelled the peace baby (I was the first baby born on Christmas Day 25 years after the troubles). Me and my mother dearest had our photo on the front page of the Belfast telegraph.


10. I have 2 dogs. My baby girl is called Dottie (black and tan) and my baby boy is called Bailey (tan). It’s crazy how much these 2 little rescue dogs have helped me in their short lives, and they don’t even realise it.


11. I hate having boring hair. I have had my hair a shit tonne of colours, lets see… red black, bright red, blue, orange (unintentionally), bright purple, darker purple, crazy extreme blonde, pastel pink. Yano just to name a couple.

12. I love taking photos, I am the only one in my family that does, except my Grandpa Joe but he passed away. I love it simply for the memories, at family events etc.. I’m the one taking the pictures, I live for them everlasting memories. (Part of my art course we had to take photography).

13. My life goal is to become a bridal and occasional wear designer, it’s my absolute dream. I want to be able to create one of a kind pieces for all different shapes and sizes of women without them feeling insecure about themselves, if I can help atleast one woman boost her self confidence with the help of my creativity then sign me up.

14. No one really knows this, not even family but.. I suffer quite badly with social anxiety. Being out in town with crowds of people completely freaks me out, the thought of having to talk infront of people makes me want to physically pass out.

15. I was pretty badly bullied in school, even as a child and teenager. Because of me experiencing bullying, I cannot stand to see anyone being picked on etc, if I see it I have to step up and say something even if I don’t personally know the person, I physically cannot stand by and watch it happen. Bullying really messed me up, my self esteem and self confidence was really effected and still is to this day because of it. So, if anyone reading this is experiencing  bullying or anything of the sort, physically, emotionally or mentally please, please I beg speak to someone, do not suffer in silence like I did. If you don’t have anyone in your personal life then please do not hesitate to message me, I’m always here to listen.

16. If I was too have an alcoholic drink (I’m not really a drinker) but I would always choose a Malibu and lemonade.

17. My mum is my best friend.

(Photo included is my Nan, me and my mum a few years ago at a wedding fair)


18. My work and work station has to be tidy at all times. I simply cannot get work done if the place I’m working at is messy, all my college coursework has to be neat and coloured coded.

19. Currently my favourite band is Walking On Cars, Patrick’s voice is beautiful. (He could sing to me all night…)

20. For my final fact about myself I will let you all know who some of my absolute most man crushes are… please feel honoured. It’s hard to think of the top of your head, but I have loads more, these are the few that pop into my mind for now.

Dylan O’Brien

Pennywise (I’m so attracted to him)

Dominic Sherwood

Ed Westwick

Heath Ledger

Bon Jovi

Alexander Skarsgard

Bam Margera

(I’m prone to liking bad boys…)

So, that’s the end of all the facts I have to share for now, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me slightly better, if I remember anything to add I may come back to edit it in.

Emily, xo

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Finding Freedom by Brittany Lewis

Finding Freedom
Brittany Lewis



Release date: 30/3/17
Format: Kindle and Paperback

Personal rating: 5 stars

Available to purchase from:

I was kindly sent this book for review purchases, I always love these type of books and was definitely not disappointed by Finding Freedom.

About the book:

Katie was born into a cult. Her family lived there for generations. As she got older, she realized the Elders were keeping secrets from the community. Risking everything, she leaves the cult and searches for the truth. With the help of outsiders, Katie and her young husband David are put in touch with an organization called Purple Haven, which provides medical care, shelter, counseling and job training to individuals who have escaped from cults. She soon discovers she’s pregnant. With the help of her husband, her therapist, and two friends, Katie learns what it means to have a relationship with God.


My Review:

Brittany Lewis has written this book beautifully and brings the characters to life within the story being told. You go on a journey with Katie as she grows up within a cult that she no longer wants to be apart of,.
I was so intrigued by this book as I love reading stories that involve a different way of living but in honesty I haven’t picked many up that I truly got involved in. I loved finding out what lay in store for Katie and if she achieved the life she so desperately desired, I also loved how Brittany included Katie’s spirituality and how it worked so beautifully within her marriage.
I was shocked to find out how some cults are operated still in today’s society and had my eyes well and truly opened to see how easily it can be for others to become brainwashed. I was expecting to read about physical, physiological and emotional abuse and the dangers that came with the consequences of trying to leave Zion but I was so glad that I actually didn’t find any of that violence as it didn’t take away from the story.

Brittany, thank you so much for allowing me to experience a piece of your work, I loved going along with Katie’s journey and also reading how her relationship with David played out.

As this is my review all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


Much love, Emily xx


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Detours in time by Pamela Schloesser Canepa

Detours in time
Pamela Schloesser Canepa

Release date: 16/06/17
Format: Kindle

Personal rating: 5 stars

Available to purchase from:


I truly enjoyed this book (REALLY ENJOYED), I was kindly sent this book for review purchases and I have to admit, it’s not the normal book I would reach for but I’m so glad I did.

About the book:

Feisty Tabatha, a struggling artist, and Milt, an awkward science professor, set off on a journey to the future. What was supposed to be fun soon turns into something intense when the make discoveries about their future selves and end up on other “detours”. The two set events into action that may save one life, yet destroy another. Can these friends of completely different mindsets agree on a course of action? Can Tabatha stick to Milt’s rules of time travel? Both Milt and Tabatha struggle to witness and not participate in a place and time that is not yet their own. The two set events into action that may save one life, yet destroy another. Can these friends of completely different mindsets agree on a course of action?

Amid the backdrop of a future that reveals great wonders and horrors, Tabatha and Milt must resist the temptation to use discoveries from future technology to aid them when they return to the present. Detours in Time starts as a fantastic escape and grows to present many moral dilemmas and surprises that can either destroy the strongest friendship or bring two people closer.


My Review:

This most definitely is not my normal sort of book, I’ll admit sometimes “time travel” can really confuse me and I’ll have to end up putting the book down because I lose interest! I certainly did not lose interest when reading ‘Detours in time’.
From start to finish I was left desperately wanting to know more, how do they get onto the subject of time travel? What device do they use? Does anything go wrong? If so, what?! I just couldn’t stop myself asking questions throughout the book. I truly loved how descriptive certain details where that really helped me to imagine actually being there with the characters, to me Pamela done an amazing job at keeping readers intrigued with the characters and their journey on time travel. Sometimes I think writing/reading about such topic can become quite cheesy and unrealistic but again Pamela done it beautifully.
I highly highly highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to read, or to anyone who loves to go on journeys with the characters while reading the story.

My highest praise to Pamela Canepa, who just wrote this book in such a captivating way that the reader will not want to put it down until the very last page and even then the reader will be dying to reach for more. The more you read the more you just need to find out what is happening and WHAT DO THEY DISCOVER about their future selves. Pamela describes certain scenes/places that the reader is just thrown to the world being portrayed.

To end this review I would like to conclude this by saying I hope Pamela Canepa releases more novels in the future so I can be taken on more amazing journeys with more amazing characters as I did with Detours in time.

Pamela, thank you for allowing me to read a piece of your work, I enjoyed every single second with Tabatha and Milt and I would love to be able to maybe one day work together again.


As this is my review all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


Much love, Emily xx



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Memories of me by Dani Hart release!!!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Title: Memories of Me
Author: Dani Hart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Re-release Date: June 12, 2017



♡ Blurb:

*Inspired by true events*
(Characters are a work of fiction)

When you close your eyes and open them again you expect to see the world as it was a fraction of a second ago. Maybe a slight change from a passing breeze, but you are still in the same place, unmoving and unchanged. You don’t expect to be somewhere else where the faces are unfamiliar. Where you are unfamiliar.

With one blink I had no family, no home, no name, and no past. I was alone, until I met the Reilly brothers. They gave me purpose again. A reason to trust. A reason to love. A reason to rebuild a life full of forgotten memories. Together, they would try to rewrite my history.


♡ PURCHASE LINKS – 99c for a VERY limited time!




I have always been drawn to words. They have this magic to touch my soul when I need it the most, whether through reading or writing. My love for writing started as most little girl’s with a diary. It evolved into a big girl journal and then transformed into a notebook of poetry during the dark days of high school. I followed my dream to USC (University of Southern California) to study theatre, creative writing, and screenwriting. Finally, I understood how to take the stories in my head and commit them to paper. I was fortunate enough to sell my first professional script during college and have been writing ever since.

In 2013 I took to self-publishing. I realized quickly that my passion resonated across many genres, so currently I have published young adult, fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, new adult, and women’s fiction. With both of my kids in school full-time now I am able to immerse myself in my passion more and when I’m not writing I’m enjoying the short time I have with my babies and my husband.



Facebook Group:


♡ Get a FREE Dani Hart ebook here:





Please keep an eye out for my review of this amazing book.

Love, Emily xo


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Hello Everyone that may read this!


So, I just thought I would publish a quick post regarding my contact email address.

When I started this blog I honestly never thought that authors would want to contact me, I just included an email address because truth be told I seen other bloggers do it, so you can imagine my surprise when I started getting emails for book reviews.

Although I love being contacted the email address that I provided is my personal email address, so when authors or whomever it may be contacts me their emails can get mixed up and I end up not seeing them. I apologise of anyone has contacted me and I haven’t replied but this is the main reason why.

I decided to create a separate book related email, so that anyone that wants to contact me regarding book topics can use this address without the risk of being mixed up in my personal mails. I am currently working on a few reviews for my blog which is taking me a wee while (I like to twice read a book I am reviewing).

From now on could anyone contacting me please use the address provided above as it would be a lot easier on my end. Thank you for taking the time to read this silly little boring post and I really hope to maybe hear from you in the future.

Love Emily, xo

Women of the grey: Red Drug review

Red Drug: Volume 2
Carol James Marshall



Released: March 2017

Format: Paperback, Kindle
RRP: £11.30
IBSN-10: 1544249896
IBSN-13: 978-1544249896

Personal Rating: 5 stars

Available to purchase from:

About the book

Red Drug, book 2 in the Women of the Grey series, takes us back to the uncharted world of The Grey. There are still so many unanswered questions left by Starburst (book 1). Did Lisa survive facing Superior Mother again? Are the women of The Grey truly as ‘all the same and none different’ as they preach to be?

Red Drug introduces us to a few new women of The Grey: Abigail and Teresa. Abigail is kind and gentle, but perhaps not as grounded as she needs to be to survive in the fierce world of The Grey. We also meet Teresa, who believe that humans are the worst kind of annoyance… until she falls in love with one. 

Filled with intrigue and mystery, Red Drug gives just enough to keep readers fiending for more. The Grey is a dark, unsettling place, and absolutely nothing like you thought it would be.


Carol James Marshal has done it again with the second instalment of the ‘Women of the grey’ series! Wow, in this book we still follow along with Lisa and her journey but are introduced to a few new characters Abigail and Teresa.
Once I started reading I just knew in my heart I wasn’t going to be putting it down until the very end, and that’s exactly what I done. Women of the grey are the type that answer a few of your questions but leave you with more to ask. This book has been written beautifully that it takes its readers on the journey along with the characters which I personally love in a book, I cannot wait to see what the next book has in store for us.

Again I have absolutely loved working with Carol Marshall and was kindly gifted this book for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, and I truly recommend this series to anyone who loves intense mystery when they are reading. This book is everything and more than I thought it would be.

Love Always, Emily xo


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Women of the grey: Starburst Review



Released: 20/9/16
Format: Paperback and Kindle
RRP: £6.79
IBSN-10: 1537377051
IBSN-13: 978-1537377056

Personal Rating: 5 Stars

Available to purchase from:

First thing I have to say, I was kindly sent this book for review purchases and I have to admit, it’s not the normal book I would reach for but just like ‘perfect imperfections by Taryn Leigh’ I’m so glad I did.

About the book

A mysterious and fascinatingly creepy coming-of-age tale for one young woman of The Grey. Starburst will make you question everything—your sanity, the people you interact with (or don’t), why we do the things we do, and the tremendous weight of our emotions. It is intriguing, poetic, and spine-tingling all at once.


As soon as I started this book I knew it was going to be a completely different reading experience for me. Right from the beginning you are introduced to five different characters that I have to admit I wasn’t a massive fan of how many narratives there are as I thought I would get confused the further into the book I got.

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself actually enjoying the multiple points of view between Lisa, Craig, Maggie, Rafael and Iggy.

Further into the book we learn about Lisa belonging to a non-human group consisting of all women called ‘The Greys’, although she is does not belong to the human race she takes on the appearance of a human to fit in with everyday life. Throughout the book we also learn that Lisa has been released for a mission in LA where she must complete the given task of finding a group of ‘marks’ (which are the other characters I mentioned above). When she has found the group of marks she must collect them and bring them to a “location” at a certain date to complete the mission.

Regarding the four other characters the Author has been able to write brilliantly about their lives suffering with depression and/or mental illness. We learn that all these characters seem to be unrelated to each other except for one fact, they are unable to emotionally connect with the people around them. As I read more about these characters I really just wanted to cuddle them up lol.
I wasn’t a massive fan of having multiple characters throughout the book but I found myself desperately wanting to find out what their futures holds for them, I found myself unable to put the book down.

I would 100% recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of horror/sci-fi, or even if you aren’t like me but want to try something different.
Thank you to Carol James Marshall for kindly sending me this book for review, I really loved the writing style and how you portrayed the multiple narratives throughout.

Much love, Emily xo



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